Vivian Paley on Acceptance and Rejection

January 18, 2017

Vivian Paley, Hyde Park Desk copy


From the REJECT Documentary Interview, PART 1

Vivian Paley is a featured expert in REJECT documentary, along with a special kindergarten classroom in Stillwater, Oklahoma that uses her rule, “you can’t say you can’t play.”  The accompanying video will be posted soon.


Q. Can you talk about the concept of ‘rejection’ as an author, an educator and most importantly, someone who has worked with young children?

Vivian Paley:   In the classroom, the meaning of rejection is very clear. If you think about the meaning being in the mind of the person being rejected, it comes across from the earliest age, “Nobody likes me. They won’t play with me.” When the parent, so full of hopes, picks up the child on the first day or first week of preschool or kindergarten or first grade and hears these words, it strikes a great note of sadness.


Purdue University Extension and Youth Worker Cafe Host REJECT Documentary Screening

September 28, 2016

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