Dexter Dias QC

Human Rights Barrister, Queen’s Counsel. Visiting Researcher at Cambridge and Harvard Universities. Author, The Ten Types of Human (Penguin)

“REJECT engages with the critical tension at the heart of our being: our profound desire to belong and its dark side – our callous capacity to reject and ostracise. In a world that appears to suffer from no shortage of intolerance, exclusion and marginalisation, this film performs a vital function: it both educates and advocates; it is both a documentary and a demand for mutual understanding and tolerance. Watch it. Spread its timely message.”

Judith Peterson

Academic Magnet High School
Charleston, South Carolina

“Thank you for opening our eyes and hearts with your film.”

Derek Marshall

Superintendent, Attica Consolidated Schools
Attica, Indiana

“Reject is a powerful documentary! Kip Williams’ research will impact your staff and students. We utilized the film to start meaningful conversations within our school community. Our viewings of Reject were very impactful educationally for our students, staff, and community.”

William Darnell

School Safety Officer Kokomo Schools
Kokomo, Indiana

“I thought this film was absolutely amazing and should be shown to all school staff (cafeteria workers, maintenance, custodial, nurses, counselors, teachers, security, social workers, secretary’s, SRO’s and security.) I believe this film can and will save lives In the future.”

Mr. David Robertson

Chief Academic Officer Warsaw Community Schools
Warsaw, Indiana

I had the privilege of screening your film Reject and was blown away. I really think this film could change how we look at what we do every day in the classroom. We have big dreams for REJECT. We feel an urgency about bringing it to our community.

Brian Dobias

Homestead High School
Fort Wayne, IN

“This film will bring issues of school climate and the social/personal needs of our students into greater focus.”

Tim Mulherin

COO Irvington Charter Schools,
Indianapolis, IN

“The film is impressive, and I know it gave the staff much to think about. We will benefit tremendously from the experience. It is a very important film that carries a powerful message.”

Robert Mainer

Board Member/Retired President
Sudbury-Wayland-Lincoln Domestic Violence Roundtable
Boston, Massachusetts

“The Sudbury-Wayland-Lincoln Domestic Violence Roundtable organized three screenings of REJECT during March, 2015. We targeted adults whose occupations included responsibilities for children: school system administrators, teachers, pre-school staffs, coaches, youth group leaders, clergy. Feedback from these showings was uniformly positive:


“A must-see for anyone who works with kids.”

”Helped me understand how easily ostracism can fly under a faculty’s radar.”

Major James Betts

General Secretary
Salvation Army Greater New York Divisional Headquarters

“I was personally very moved by this documentary and was thrilled to witness a similar reaction from my staff as they watched it.

Reject is destined to make a long lasting effect on communities for generations to come both through viewing it and subsequently through the changes it inspires. Thank you again for your passion and commitment to the marginalized and forgotten all around us.”

Edna Pressler 

PhD Clinical Psychology, Professor  University of Massachusetts, Boston

“Thank you for this incredible contribution to those of trying to understand bullying and violent behavior. I showed this film in my Psychological Trauma course and used the supplemental material to guide the discussion. While many others have pointed out that many school shooters have experienced social exclusion/isolation, this documentary helps to elucidate the “mechanism of action” by which this dreaded outcome occurs…and offers a realistic option for reducing its likelihood. Brilliant and actionable!”

Eric Johnson

6th Grade Teacher, LaSalle Elementary School  Mishawaka, Indiana

“REJECT was a transformative experience for me as a teacher and parent. This remarkable film and its research backed message, changed forever the way I form and support student relationships in my classroom and school. It helps us to understand that we must move beyond tolerance and reach for inclusion and love for all of our kids. REJECT is an important film for teachers, parents, and community members who want to make a difference in children’s lives.”

Mike Blecha

Member, Green Bay Area, WI School Board; past president, Wisconsin Association of School Boards.

“REJECT is a powerful and thought provoking documentary that both angered me and brought tears to my eyes. The devastating impact that social rejection can have on people — starting at an early age — is dramatically presented by educators,researchers and other professionals. Youngsters must be taught, ‘You can’t say, you can’t play.'”

This is a film that should be viewed, not only by teachers, administrators and school board members, but parents and community leaders. Our schools and communities will continue to suffer the adverse effects of social rejection if we don’t more adequately address this issue.”

Dr Ann Caine

Retired Superintendent Stillwater,
Oklahoma Public Schools

“Just think what a completely different world we would live in if everyone adopted the “You Can’t Say You Can’t Play” mentality. Bullying occurs in the workplace too, not just in schools. I am very proud of our school district’s involvement in this film and hope that everyone who cares about the future will take time to view the film and then implement what they have learned.”

Ron DuBois

Professor Emeritus
Oklahoma State University

“The film was extraordinary. [It is] another Fahrenheit 451 in which light is thrown on societal mind control in regards to a single issue. Ray Bradbury would have applauded “Reject.” Let me know if it will be shown again , well worth seeing several times.”

Kolia J. O’Connor

Head of School, Sewickley Academy
Sewickley, Pennsylvania

“Reject provides an extraordinary opportunity for personal and professional growth for anyone who engages with children and young adults. One of the most compelling messages of the film is when one of the researchers speaks about the incredibly powerful, positive sense of accomplishment one can derive from creating an equitable and just learning community. As a school, that, of course, is our goal, but we must be courageous enough to ask to what degree our communities may fall short? This is the challenge of the film. We can’t just be equitable and just some of the time; we must commit to this at all times and in all places.”

Julie M. Rutledge PhD

Mildred Trussell McGehee Professor Co-Director Center for Children and Families, Louisiana Tech University

Our screening was FANTASTIC! We could not have been more pleased. We had over 300 people in attendance and it was a mix of students, faculty, and community members.

Thanks again for everything you helped us with for this event and please let me know if there’s ever anything I can do to help support and promote the film.”

Dr. Matthew Adams

Principal Lecturer in Psychology School of Applied Social Sciences
University of Brighton, England

“Reject is a powerful piece of filmmaking. It conveys just how much of an enormous impact ostracism can have at an individual, interpersonal and community level, whilst at the same time highlighting the fundamental importance of belonging for human beings.”