The Team

Ruth Thomas Suh


A graduate of Middlebury College, Ruth Thomas Suh began her career in marketing and held positions at Time Warner, J. Walter Thompson and She later received her Masters in Journalism at NYU and directed a short film “Daniel: Where Faith Meets Science” about a boy’s recovery from traumatic brain injury. Excerpts were used in the PBS programs “Reading Rainbow” and “Religion and Ethics Newsweekly.” Her initial exposure to the concept of social rejection and its connection to physical pain came from the book The Shame Response to Rejection, written by her father, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Herbert E. Thomas. She previously served on the Board of The Korean American Family Service Center, an organization working to end domestic violence.

Director’s Statement

Kurt Engfehr


Kurt Engfehr is an award-winning director, editor and producer, and has done work for HBO, MSNBC, CBS and ABC. He was editor and co-producer on the acclaimed documentary films “Trumbo”, “Fahrenheit 9/11” and Academy Award winner “Bowling for Columbine” and won the American Cinema Editors Award for “best documentary editing” for his work on “Bowling for Columbine.” Most recently, Kurt co-directed the films, “The Yes Men Fix the World” (HBO premiere), “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and “The Kids Menu.”   He edited “A People Uncounted”, a 2012 Producers Guild of America nomination for Best Documentary.

Peter Brauer


Peter Brauer is an independent producer and editor. After graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of Film in 2003, Peter Brauer traveled to Mexico to direct and edit an award- winning training film “Return to Life After Spinal Injury.” After this, Peter went on to produce “Second Skin”, a feature documentary about the online gaming community that premiered at SXSW, and went on to play at HotDocs, Sheffield Doc Fest, the Camden Film Festival, and others. “Second Skin” can currently be seen online at  Peter has also produced and edited for a range of corporate clients, from The Blue Man Group to Samsung and recently founded Abby’s Acres organic farm in Michigan.

Nara Garber

Director of Photography

Nara Garber is a filmmaker who divides her time between directing, shooting, and editing. She currently creates short-form documentaries for Carnegie Hall, and she is the co-director and DP of Flat Daddy, a feature documentary about military families coping with deployment.  Nara’s work as a DP has appeared on HBO (Making the Crooked Straight) and PBS (NOW with Bill Moyers), and she won the Best Cinematography award in the 2008 Asian American Film Lab’s 72 Hour Film Shootout.  Other recent camera credits include About Face (premiere: Hot Docs, 2009), Striking a Chord (filmed on military bases in Southern Iraq) and Best Kept Secret (AFI Docs 2013). She is currently directing a feature-length documentary about Braddock, PA.

Simone Giuliani


Simone Giuliani is a music producer, film composer, keyboard player, string arranger and music director. He has worked with an array of international artists including Beyoncé, Wu-Tang Clan and Bebel Gilberto, written original music for shows including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, True Blood and soundtracks for films and documentaries including “Facing Forward”, currently airing on PBS.  He is the musical director for Moment NYC, a visiting music history program for New York City schools and currently working with the London Symphony Orchestra on a new album for mezzo soprano Carly Paoli.


Bryan Sarkinen

Cinematographer/Associate Producer

Bryan Sarkinen is a graduate of New York University with a joint degree in Film Production and Journalism.  At NYU,  he created the movie review show “The Inside Reel” that aired on college networks nationwide.  Since then, he has produced a range of projects, from documenting rap star P. Diddy’s world travels to documenting children in Bangladesh, Yemen and Burkina Faso for the United Nations Population Fund documentary “Too Brief a Child: Voices of Married Adolescents.” Bryan has recently served as director of photography for the documentaries HBO’s “Thought Crimes”, CNN’s “Ivory Tower” and “The First Monday in May”, which recently premiered at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival.

Debbie Krishnan


Deborah Krishnan holds a Masters degree in Psychology from New York University and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology at Yeshiva University. She has worked for the University of Michigan, Columbia University, New York University, Fordham University, and other institutions in helping to conduct research projects related to social-emotional learning, literacy and science education, and emotional and behavioral problems among youth. She also worked for three years at Operation Respect, a nonprofit organization founded by Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul, & Mary) that is dedicated to creating respectful, safe and compassionate learning environments for children that are free of bullying, ridicule and violence.

Tina DiFeliciantonio, Jane C. Wagner

Consulting Producers

From cinema vérité to impressionistic documentaries, Tina DiFeliciantonio’s and Jane Wagner’s critically acclaimed work has been seen in countries throughout the world.  They have tackled a wide range of subjects—such as AIDS, sexuality, child abuse, rape, social justice, art and science—garnering dozens of top honors, including two Emmys and the Sundance Grand Jury Prize for the film “Girls Like Us.”  Their films have been seen on  P.O.V., Sundance, TLC, SciFi, USA, HBO and foreign television. DiFeliciantonio and Wagner serve(d) on the Board of Directors of such organizations as ITVS, Women Make Movies, Frameline, Foundation of Independent Film and Videomakers, and Independent Filmworks Inc.

Judy Moon

Associate Producer

Judy Moon began her career in consumer marketing at Time Warner and Columbia House Video, and was involved in the launch of Entertainment Weekly Magazine. She has worked at Fleeting Pictures, Checkerboard Film Foundation, Lovett Productions and Barbara Kopple’s Cabin Creek Films. Her credits include: producer of the short film “Head Stand,” (Directors Fortnight–Cannes Film Festival premiere), researcher of “A Conversation with Gregory Peck” (Cannes Film Festival premiere) and Associate Producer of “My Architect”, a documentary about architect Louis Kahn which received an Academy Award nomination.

Marina Gvozdeva


Marina Gvozdeva is a mix-media animator and editor.  She graduated from New York University with a Masters in digital imaging and design.  She directed and animated promotional videos for such brands as Anthropologie, Vox Media, Isaac Mizrahi, Popsicle, Domino Recordings and Paradigm Gallery+Studio.  Recently she was co-producer and color artist on the animated music video for ‘C.U.R.E.’ by singer and acclaimed Beyonce producer Boots. She is co-founder of the stop-motion studio Juggling Wolf.