“I am not insane. I am angry” hometownlife

Traveling ‘Reject’ documentary comes to Columbia  Columbia Missourian


” ‘Reject’ documentary on social rejection, ostracism, bullying coming to Charleston” postandcourier


Community members watch documentary “Reject” to raise awareness of Erase Meanness Program, anti-bullying campaign


Documentary Shows Rejection Causes Physical Pain


“We had the privilege of showing Reject to a packed room of 300 of our attendees to our 2014 Because KIDS COUNT Conference presented by Pacers Foundation. The raw power of the film made an extraordinary impact on this crowd of youth-serving professionals. Thank you for making us pause and re-think how we all should play a role in preparing our youth to live a life of acceptance and positive behavior.” 
Indiana Youth Institute



” The first time? I hated it … “
This film will teach you a great deal and also bring hope to a deep societal concern.”  23th Annual Heartland Film Festival

“A fascinating, heartbreaking documentary that offers real perspective.”

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“REJECT is an excellent documentary that highlights the tragic results bullying and ostracism can have on children and adults alike.  The discussion was incredibly moving, with some of the audience questions being asked through tears.


“This is a terrific documentary about bullying and the effect that rejection has on our brain.” CELLARDOOR_LOGO

For anyone concerned with our childrens’ future, this film is an absolute must-see.”
37th Cleveland International Film Festival 

cleveland international film festival

Lafayette Journal, October 22, 2013. Download [PDF 1] [PDF 2]

Producers Ruth Thomas-Suh and Kurt Engfehr discuss the film (minute 18:40) on Cleveland NPR program Sound of Ideas:

Frances Rheannon of Writer’s Voice interviews director Ruth Thomas-Suh and her father Dr. Herbert E. Thomas:

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EJ Scott and Ruth Thomas-Suh discuss rejection and bullying on the EJ Scott podcast:

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An interview with ostracism expert Kipling D. Williams about his research featured in REJECT:


Joe Shearer from interviews “REJECT”  director Ruth Thomas-Suh:

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“The film feels deeply important – vitally so.” Andrew Zolli – Former Executive Director POPTECH

“If we train children to be inclusive and kind, we will, quite literally, change the world. Reject is a must-see film.”  Pat Lyden, CEO,
Suicide Prevention Education Alliancespea_logo
“For the first time, I have viewed a documentary film that addresses bullying in a refreshingly honest manner, while at the same time offering a solution.”  Ann Caine, Retired Superintendent
Stillwater, Oklahoma Public Schoolsstillwater_logo

From a crime prevention perspective, I hope this film (and its very important message), is shared and implemented everywhere as we work to prevent bullying, teen suicide, child maltreatment and domestic violence. It is only through a strong coalition of law enforcement, faith and community groups, schools, businesses and individuals that we can gather in and help those who have experienced the pain of rejection, and as a result, are bent on harming themselves or others.”

Austin Shadle, Deputing Prosecuting Attorney, Indianapolis, IN


“This is a powerful and impactful movie that unravels how to promote social inclusion and social acceptance by investing in children. It is a must see for students in the behavioural and health sciences.”

Heather Stuart, Professor and Bell Canada Mental Health and Anti-stigma Research Chair Queen’s University Kingston, Ontario, Canada                         queens_logo

“Reject addresses a point that I think has never been so well explained before to the general public. This has to be shared with the world. I see this being watched in classrooms around the world.”
–John Halligan, Ryan’s Story
“This film has the potential to change the very culture and fabric of American communities.”
Jim Mintert, Director and Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University

Purdue Extension